Statement of Purpose

  • We are a team with our owners.
  • We are here to give the Owner peace of mind.
  • Relax, we are dependable.
  • Our purpose is to provide clean, decent homes for our residents.
  • At the same time we will preserve our owner’s asset by providing a united team effort with our owners.

Management with Personal Attention

We manage as if we owned it… The Jordan Management Company family has built and developed many apartment complexes in northern California. We manage other owner’s property investments with the same personal attention that we give our own properties.

Asset Preservation

Asset preservation is the bottom line of our management style. We plan and budget to preserve the asset of the owner, not to allow deferred maintenance to get the best of us. Planning and budgeting for the future can have a positive effect on your real estate investment.

Employee Satisfaction

Employee Satisfaction usually means your residents will be happier. JMC’s Long term employees are important because they perform well, they know their job, and are dedicated to our company. The company provides them with ongoing education so they are better trained. We have found that satisfied employees who value their job and who know they are appreciated, will work to keep their job by continuing with a “Best Ever” effort. Our employee turnover is very low. Our average employee tenure is 13.21 years.

Employee Reviews

Owner Communications

Owner Communications is important to us. Some of our owners are hands on and are actively involved in the management of their property. Others prefer the day to day management of their investment to be handled by Jordan Management Company.

Owner Reviews

Tenant Pride

We focus on your tenant’s ability to have pride in his or her rental unit and know that it is best accomplished when we provide our residents with a home, not just a rental unit.

We Manage On Purpose!