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Jordan Management is working daily to help build your income property business. We help you purchase the property; we hire and managing the on-site staff; we find and screening new tenants; we are on call for repairs and problems; we collect the rent and complete all the accounting necessary to maintain accurate records for your business, and when you are ready to sell the property, we do that for you too. We do it all and send you the money your income property earns for you. Let Jordan Management make your life easier.

People Say the Nicest Things

I have worked with the Jordan Management Company with several of my rental properties, on and off for the last 7-8 years. Great “get the job done” approach. Quick to respond and addresses my issues and concerns professionally. Keeps me, and my tenants, happy.

Thanks, Kellie!!
Warren Bostick

Even though my testimony might hard to believe in the business context, every word of it is true. I am not a religious person, but if I were one, I would say that Judy from Jordan Management was sent as an angel to help with my situation. I struggled for nearly a year to manage my property remotely and fixing a huge amount of issues and traveling from San Francisco nearly twice a week after getting into a fraudulent transaction from a slum lord.

If that was not painful enough, I suffered another misfortune by running into mismanagement by a property management company that I handed the property over to manage with no time at disposal for one year. That resulted in a problematic situation with nearly 40% of units being empty and collection issues. It was a very desperate situation for me as I had lost faith that the issue could be fixed. After firing the previous property management company.

I hired Jordan Management and I was given assurance by Judy that she would have all the units filled in 45 days. I really did not believe it was even possible because the previous management company used to take 6 months to fill just 1 unit. All the units were filled up in 49 days, just 4 days outside the commitment Judy made and she apologized for slipping the schedule by 4 days. So yes there are angels who walk among us.

Manish Panjiar