Rental Income by Jordan Management Company

In each project, Jordan Management Company’s goals are to produce optimal cash flow in rental income while maintaining the physical appearance and structural integrity of the property for its long term appreciation. In addition to the emphasis on sound financial and maintenance conditions. JMC also stresses the social aspect of a project. Tenant satisfaction and service is the utmost responsibility of each resident manager. In elderly projects, games, travel events and entertainment activities are arranged with the participation of JMC staff.

JMC’s emphasis on the people, finances and physical condition of properties pays off. Occupancy for all projects averages 99%; owners and investors have never had to contribute added funds to any JMC-managed property.

Steve N. Jordan, founder of Jordan Management Company and California Housing Corporation, was also a partner in many rental income properties developed and managed by JMC. The daughters of the late Steve N. Jordan, who now run JMC, and the staff, have been trained to view a project with the concern for results of an owner/investor. JMC will operate your project with the same interest.